Project TYPE:
Print Design
Coral excessive text over an image, with the final composition to be used as a page in a Shutterfly Photo album.
The client provided me with copy that she wished me to overlay onto an image. She also a scan scan of an image from the brides's Save-The-Date cards. 
The starter image was much too busy to allow space for legible text. Therefore, I made several changes to the photo in Photoshop - changing the color effects, and removing a tree and other objects on the beach area and in the sky above it.
Since there was an excessive amount of text, we reduced the content substantially. I selected two complimenting fonts that lend a hand-written effect, making it feel personable, but also legible and visually easy to read. The font color choice not only coordinates with colors in the image, but it is the same color the bride used in her wedding stationary. 
The client submitted this finalized composition to a Shutterfly Photo Album book, which was part of a bigger project intended as a gift for the bride from her bridesmaids, mother, and mother'n law.
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